Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cringe of the Week

It's finals week and admittedly, life is a little bit strained. Caffeine is pulsing through your veins, you may or may not have taken one adderall too many, and the blurry line between reality, sleep, and a fictional pixie world of hallucinations is becoming increasingly less easy to distinguish. Your eyes hurt from the glare of the computer screen you have been infront of for the past ten hours, and you aren't sure what time it is because you have been sitting in the sub-basement of the library for so long that you would survive any Bio or Nuclear weapons that have very possibly been wreaking havoc on New York City. I get this.

However, this does not negate the fact that it is absolutely hilarious when one final's victim walked full throttle into a glass wall in the library this week. On lookers stared in amazement as the girl walked forcefully into the glass wall, where she left an imprint of her forehead and nose. Frazzled, and violently shaken by the impact, the girl nervously glanced around to mentally gauge the spectrum of damage she may have just inflicted on her flailing ego.

By this point, many kind students had dutifully turned away. A sense of common hilarity was running high in the library commons, but as etiquette states, one must at least wait for the victim to exit via the space a good five feet to the right of her originally failed endeavour, before any kind of audible laugh may escape from the onlookers.

My roomate and I however, are not of the polite variety, and the scenario was just way too funny to formulate any kind of false composure. To make matters worse, we also rushed to the scene of the offense and remarked loudly in between outbursts of laughter "She wasn't even anywhere near the door" and "Look! Her nose print!"

The moral of this story is: tread carefully, and only walk through doors that have been clearly established as exit portals by people in front of you.

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